Staff Opportunities

YWAM Series 23 is a pioneering location and we are looking for dedicated Christian volunteer missionaries to come and join this effort. You must have a heart to serve, in any of the areas of ministry as well as helping with back ground roles of administration, coordination, logistics, hosting, etc.


  • Must have completed a YWAM, Discipleship Training School and outreach.

  • Preferably served for at least two years in another YWAM location​.

  • To have some ability to speak and communicate in Spanish, or or be willing to participate in language classes on arrival to the Dominican Republic.

  • Have sufficient personal financial support to cover your housing, food, medical insurance and personal costs, prior to arriving in the Dominican Republic.

  • Be willing to abide by the Staff Conduct guidelines of YWAM Series 23.

If you have a heart to minister to families, see people restored physically & spiritually and a desire to spread the good news of Jesus, then please contact us for more information on our staff opportunities.