Team Opportunities

Here in San Pedro de Macoris, we have a wide range of community & Christian mission’s opportunities. We can partner your team with the local Church, governmental and community organizations and with them coordinate all the local logistics of providing a customized outreach suitable for you and your team. 

We operate year-round and opportunities include, evangelistic campaigns, media programs, medical outreaches, construction ministry, kid’s programs, etc.​ Our goal is to fully serve you in all the local logistics and will be happy to provide you with some great accommodations, transport, programming, food, coordination and open the doors for you to come and serve. You tell us what kind of an outreach you would like and we do the rest to facilitate your outreach.

Homes of Hope

A part of our team opportunities, the Homes of Hope program is a life changing experience by sharing a week together, making a difference in the lives of a family with a new home. Without a doubt, you, your family, congregation or co-workers will take away much more in knowledge, pride, and fulfillment, than you bring to these poor, but deserving, people. This is a special opportunity for employees from your company, your small group or a group of families from your church to work side by side, and in a few days, witness a Dominican family move from their previous ‘home’ – often made of corrugated metal with a dirt floor – to a sturdy home lovingly constructed of durable materials.

A part of our team

You bring the labor, we’ll bring everything else.

  • Fantastic team-building event.

  • “Hands on” participation – more than just writing a check, you actually build the home.

  • Live out your values.

  • Create a sense of team work and unity

  • Become more aware and informed of the conditions/needs outside your ‘world’

All of our house builds are done in partnership with the local Church and are considered Christian, community, outreaches where we come to minister to not just one family, but a whole community, both physically and spiritually. Alongside your team, our local volunteer program will be closely involved in helping you and together we can make a difference for Christ! 

Evangelistic & Media Outreaches 

A heart of all our ministry opportunities is to share the love of Christ, following the great commission and bringing new believers to the Church for ongoing discipleship. San Pedro de Macoris is often referred to as the city of the Holy Spirit where the first Pentecostal missionaries arrive from Puerto Rico over 100 years ago. Through our media ministry we have opportunities for your team to come and minister to the people of San Pedro de Macoris. Whatever your level of evangelism is, from one-on-one all the way to large evangelistic campaigns in front of 5,000 people we can help facilitate your event or ministry.

Medical Outreaches

We can facilitate medical and dental outreach ministries for teams with professionals and dedicated individuals who desire to help reach the physical needs of the Dominican Republic. Our staff volunteers will prepare clinic locations, often in local Churches, and assist with procuring medicines, supplies, translation and registration of patients.

Bible Distribution

An international goal of Youth With A Mission is to see a Bible placed into every home on earth. By going door-to-door with Bibles we are able to minister to the hearts of people while leading them into a deeper relationship with the living God. Our goal is to do this in partnership with the local Church where we can help the recipient with instructions how to read and study the Bible and forming home Bible study groups.


This project is being carried out all over the world, with many ministry and Church partners of all denominations. Our role is to simply procure Bible and to mobilize the body of Christ until a Bible enters into every home.